06 December 2011

The age old question, monochrome or colortastic?

Dear little Mary let me practice a new 6x7 camera on her recently. The shoot was a total disaster, the damn thing has a mind of its own, choosing to work perfectly one moment and not functioning in the slightest the next. What a jerk! Needless to say the little hellion will be sent off to boarding school soon to be corrected. We did get one passable shot of the 6 or so taken, now I just can't decide if I like it in the colors or the black and whites...


  1. Impossible to choose. . . sorry. I wish I had a clear opinion for specific reasons. . . but then it would all be too easy, wouldn't it.

    Lovely work. And, of course, lovely model.

    Okay. I just looked again and I choose green. Her eyes are too fantastic!

  2. COLOR!!! :)

    But I won't discriminate, both are hot!