17 March 2012

Give it a whirl, girl, be like the squirrel

"It's been years" was the first thing out of her mouth when she arrived. The now Mrs McCarrey was revealing that she had wanted me to photo her for years, and all it took was a marriage to make it happen.

I'm happy that Cat found a best friend to play life with. Just like my mom feels when a person gets an iPhone for the first time, I want everyone to have a new shiny perfect-for-them partner in living, like I've been blessed to find.

Cat, you were a great model and you done good with that dress, done real good.


  1. Oh, Luke. Thank you. These are amazing.

  2. Your friends are fortunate. Beautiful. The woman and the photos.

  3. such a nice pics! :) I hope I'll find someone too :D