06 December 2012

It was a good morning for plants

It was pretty foggy this morning, which provided a pretty sweet sunrise. While I hate the winter it does come with some beautiful light.

Shot on a Nokia Lumia 920 w/ Tessar 26mm f2

05 October 2012

A not so new love of mine

Rach and I went up the mountain way and had ourselves a great time doing some leaf watcing, seriously stunning, the leaves and the lady.

Got a new lens and camera too, God bless eBay.

Portra 160, developed at home, Pentax Spotmatic, Takumar 35mm f2

22 September 2012

A New Can of Worms

After much reading on the inter webs about at-home color film developing, something that I was always told was extremely difficult, I decided to give it a go.

I'll say this, I wish I had tried this years ago, so much easier than what "they" have always said. The hardest part was ensuring that the chemicals were at a very specific temperature. Also, from the scans of the negatives there seems to be kind of a magenta bleed going on on the edges of the film, I think it's from over agitation or too high of temps, that or the act that this roll of film sat in my glove box for over a year.

Either way, I'm excited to have this as an option, I'll be shooting lots more film now that I can develop it in the comfort of my own casa.

09 September 2012

Dynamic Ranges and Pretty Faces

I was doing some stress tests on the Sony NEX-5N, that I love so much, and Rachel was kind enough to help out, what a hottie.

This little camera is such a gem, I could never pull this kind of detail out of the darks when I was shooting on a 7D, especially without serious noise. From what I've seen I can get about 8-9 stops of usable info out of this little APS-C sized monster.

Shot on a Super Takumar 50mm f1.4

25 April 2012

Shooting It Up

Mr. Grant and I went down to Utah Lake last night with just enough light to snap a few shots with the various lenses we were trying out. We have both recently purchased the Sony NEX-5N, a formidable little camera, beating out my bloated 7D in many aspects, most importantly in the arena of image quality.

Anyhoo, here are a couple of the quickies that I thought were fun.

17 March 2012

Give it a whirl, girl, be like the squirrel

"It's been years" was the first thing out of her mouth when she arrived. The now Mrs McCarrey was revealing that she had wanted me to photo her for years, and all it took was a marriage to make it happen.

I'm happy that Cat found a best friend to play life with. Just like my mom feels when a person gets an iPhone for the first time, I want everyone to have a new shiny perfect-for-them partner in living, like I've been blessed to find.

Cat, you were a great model and you done good with that dress, done real good.

06 December 2011

The age old question, monochrome or colortastic?

Dear little Mary let me practice a new 6x7 camera on her recently. The shoot was a total disaster, the damn thing has a mind of its own, choosing to work perfectly one moment and not functioning in the slightest the next. What a jerk! Needless to say the little hellion will be sent off to boarding school soon to be corrected. We did get one passable shot of the 6 or so taken, now I just can't decide if I like it in the colors or the black and whites...